Melanie Fernandi

As a licensed acupuncturist since 1999, Melanie has dedicated herself as a practitioner to bring healing and balance to her patients, utilizing many different modalities. 

She graduated from Bastyr University with a Master of Science Degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.  

She is also skilled in massage, Reiki, and does some craniosacral therapy work. Her additional training includes years of Intuitive Healing, energy work & Chinese Face Reading.

Melanie has worked to combine her knowledge of Eastern and alternative practices with Western medicine, and used to direct the Integrative Medicine Program Department at Columbia University, which was created and run by Dr. Mehmet Oz at NY-Presbyterian Hospital. This program provided massage therapy, energy work & music therapy to post-surgery cardiac patients.



(from Yang Yang:) I am an instructor and researcher of taiji and qigong in New York City, and referred several of my students to Melanie when she was practicing in NY.  I was very impressed with her skills in Chinese medicine/acupuncture in treating acute and chronic illness such as pain and insomnia.  More importantly, she is passionate in her desire to help patients. I was not at all surprised that she remained friends with my students even after she moved away from NYC. We all miss her. In the meantime, we are happy for her and any patients she will be helping in her new location and venture.  I have no reservation in giving my strongest endorsement for her professional ethics, skill, and kindness.You will receive the best treatment and care from Melanie.

- Y.Y., NY

(from Jodie Emmett Maciel): 
I can honestly say that Melanie is one of the most caring and loving people I have ever known. She brings all of that into her practice. Caring for others is simply her de-fault mode & always has been. As a patient, you can be sure you are in excellent hands!

- J.E.M., NY

(from Larry Butler): At what was without question the most difficult period of time during a slow and painful recovery from full knee replacement surgery, Melanie was recommended to to me by my Tai Chi Master as someone whom he admired and trusted for her skill and compassion. As a healer himself, this carried significance for me. Once we got together, things turned around and progress was almost immediate. Mel's skilled acupuncture treatments, massage, and application of Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments and techniques, combined with her positive energy and genuine compassion, helped me not only to recover, but to reconsider my outlook and get back to doing the things I wanted to do, without pain. 

- L.B., NY

(from Chrissy Hobbs):
"Thanks for being so amazing, Melanie. My back hasn't ached at all since our last session! Also, thanks for the love, light and positive words. You rock!" 
- C.H., CO